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Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in strategy | 0 comments

5 Hidden Leaders in Your Church Waiting to Be Asked to Jump In!

5 Hidden Leaders in Your Church Waiting to Be Asked to Jump In!

Chances are your church is looking for more leaders to serve within various ministries. Whether your kids ministry needs some more coaches to motivate the teams … or your small group ministry is needs some great new leaders … or maybe even your weekend services needs some support to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Churches are driven by the volunteer leaders and you need to find some new ones!

I believe that God has provided the leaders you need in your church to push the mission forward. The problem is that often leaders might be hidden within your church and you need to seek them out. Here are some types of leaders that I’ve found over the years … look closely into these types of people in your church you’re bound to find some new leaders!

  • finding_leadersPeople with Followers // Potential leaders are leading people already. This Sunday after your service look around your foyer and try to notice those people who seems to be “holding court” with a circle of people. Those people are influencing and leading in your church … even if you haven’t given them a role!
  • Young People // Chances are that someone trusted you when you were too young to lead something. Are you trusting young people as much as you were trusted? Find some young folks in your church … and give them a small project to lead. When they succeed give them more!
  • Moms are Leaders // Keeping the modern home on the rails takes incredible leadership. There are still “at home Moms” who are attending your church who would welcome the opportunity to lead within your church. If you were able to find some mid-week and mid-day opportunities you would unlock fantastic new capabilities as a church!
  • Zoomers! // Boomers that zoom! There is a generation of leaders who have been leading for years in the marketplace and had great success but are now looking for significance. Look among the boomer generation to find some leaders who might be looking for a new way to invest their time, efforts and energy!
  • Entrepreneurs Lead // There are business leaders in your church who run their own businesses and might be up for investing a few hours a week in a project at your church. These leaders are going to want something that will show results and push the kingdom forward! Look for business owners and pair them up with some projects this month!

The problem with leaders is that they want to lead! 😉 Remember to give new leaders roles that make a difference in the life of your church and release them to change the world!

What are some other hidden leaders that you have found within your church?



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