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Posted by on May 7, 2014 in strategy | 0 comments

2 Minute Video & 8 Questions To Stir Family Ministry Conversation

2 Minute Video & 8 Questions To Stir Family Ministry Conversation

This isn’t a panicky post about the world falling a part … I want us to face the reality that the family is different than what it was 50 years ago. As church leaders we need understand our times and build ministries that serve that reality. I love this video because it presents facts about the make up of the family today and leaves the conclusions to us. Here are a few questions this video stirred in me … feel free to use them with your team!

  • As a Gen-X leader how do I raise up next generation leaders faster than our generation was raised up by baby boomers? [Similar topic.]
  • How much of our thinking about ministering to families is still being shaped by 1960s realities?
  • What does community look like in a world where a growing percentage of people believe “marriage is becoming obsolete”?
  • How is our church helping people in this “new stage” between college and marriage? Clearly extending “student ministries” into the 20s isn’t the answer … but do we need to have some sort of similar ministry structure for this “new stage”?
  • Adults are having sex. (Shocker!) How are we helping people make healthy sexual choices in light of these shifting cultural dynamics?
  • I think our church reflects a higher percentage of “two married parents with kids” than is the reality for our community … why is that? What is repulsive to this “new family unit” about our ministry? How can we serve them better?
  • What will happen when Betty & Lisa show up with their kids at our family ministry check in? Will they be loved?
  • The family looks a lot different than 50 years ago … does our ministry to families?


The Next Family // Team Discussion [download PDF]
Show this video to your team and then use this hand out to discuss the impacts of these findings on your ministry. A made-for-you team training resource!

The Next Family // Video Download [8MB .MP4]
Download the above video for use with your team.


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