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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in communications | 0 comments

The Biggest Tip for Working with the Media as a Church Leader

The Biggest Tip for Working with the Media as a Church Leader

One of the areas that we set out to improve at Liquid in 2012 was the way we worked with the press. We’ve been trying to get the media’s attention about what we’re doing as a church. We think that there is all kinds of “good news” happening around here and we want the world to know! We’re trying to follow Jesus’ direction to shine for the everyone to see what he is up to … and the press is one way for more people to see the work of Jesus in action!

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. – Jesus (Matthew 5:16)

timonscreenHere are some of the highlights from this last year of coverage of our church:

When I reflect back on working with various members of the press over this past year I’m drawn back to one principle that has helped us the most in obtaining great coverage:

Writers, reporters and producers are busy people. Serve them. Make it easy for them to report on you.

Although we employ a lot of tactics to get the press attention … serving them is the biggest thing we can do. They all have bosses that have put incredible pressure on them to crank out stories and they are looking for organizations that make it simple and straight forward to report on. Organizations that make it easy to report on … get reported on!

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