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  1. I appreciate this advice. Today I made the comment that within the first hour of the day I receive enough email to keep me busy for the rest of it. I find myself tackling the latest emails only to dig down to those pesky ones I’ve decided to put off again and again. If I could O.H.I.O. I think I would, indeed, be more productive. Committed to trying this at least for a short time.

    • Great! Try it this week … I’d love you to come back and report on how it goes!

  2. One week and I must admit, something has changed. My calendar was packed tight by the end of the week and this week it is about the same. It’s not in a bad way though. It is just a very intentional use of my time.

    I ended up doing one of a few things – (1) Delete the email, (2) Respond with “no”, (3) Request more information, (4) Drop it on my calendar to commit time to doing it, (5) Delegating it to someone to complete, or (6) Creating a project request. In every instance, I was able to delete the email and not have to sit and wonder if/when I’ll handle it. As I write, my inbox has 3 items in it. KUDOS to you! I think being aware of what I am doing (wasting time) is a big part of correcting it – OHIO is a reminder to be a better steward.

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