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Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in communications | 0 comments

5 Ways to Encourage Easter Attendance the Week Before Easter

5 Ways to Encourage Easter Attendance the Week Before Easter

Easter is right around the corner … the time to plan out your “last week” strategy is right now! There will be a large percentage of your first-time guests that won’t make a decision to attend your church until the days before Easter. So you need a plan that encourages your people to continue to invite their friends right up the big day. Here are a few things we’re doing this year in the last week before Easter. I’d love to hear what you are doing!

  • eastertailinchurch7 Day Facebook Cover Countdown // On your Facebook wall you have an image at the top called a “cover”. Why not plan out 7 different images to countdown to your Easter Sunday? Every day your people log onto facebook they will be greeted by an image reminding them that Easter is on the way! [Don’t have a graphic designer that can help? Use one of these services for just $5!]
  • TXT Announcements // Your people are carrying around cell phones with them … what if you TXT them 2-3 encouraging TXTs the week leading up to Easter? These messages could be encouraging quotes or reminders about your services. Make sure to not spam your people and have a way for them to opt out. [What if you signed up for just a month of this service? It’s pretty reasonably priced.]
  • Promoted Social Content // On the Monday or Tuesday before Easter have your people comment on a facebook status that reinforces how positive your church is. Then you can “promote that post” so the friends of your facebook fans can see the post. You can reach thousands of people for $15-$30. [Learn more about facebook promoted posts.]
  • Video Email // Shoot a quick video with a smartphone that will arrive late in the week before Easter. Share a bit about what God is doing in your life leading up to this special day. Remind your people to invite their friends. [A post I did in the past about video emails.]
  • Recall Mailing // You know all those first time guests that came to your church over the last year? You need to send some sort of direct mail to their house. Maybe a postcard that asks them to come back or a letter from you with a few invites to bring friends this year. You did a bunch of work to get their contact information … let’s leverage it!

What about your church? What other plans do you have in the days leading up to Easter to encourage people to attend your church?

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